Everybody Lives In Godsville

A rising entity in the urban fashion world, GodsVille NYC is a retail company providing trendy clothing for both men and women. Recently celebrating half-a-year of work, the brand looks forward with hope in cementing its place in the urban fashion niche.  Founded in New York, the brand has utilized its relationships with aspiring artists as well as other forms of influencer marketing thus far in the journey. Popular Brooklyn based MC Bakeman Global serves as the brands official ambassador.
Their ultimate goal being the provision of quality clothing that has style and represents all aspects of life: The Good, and The Bad their mantra of #EverybodylivesinGodsville is quickly becoming a heavily used cliché. An executive structure collective of individuals from all walks of life, the brand as a whole represents Success and Struggle. Championing the necessary that unity is needed for growth within culture, GodsVille is rooted in a love for fashion and a connection to popular culture.  Students first, the entrepreneurs behind this brand have the development of a conglomerate in their sites and are working the channels to bring that vision to fruition.     

                  Written By: Jason Bourne